Genocidal practices continue in Afrin

The invading Turkish soldiers and their allied gang groups continue their genocidal practices as they attack the civilians, natural environment and historic sites in Afrin.

It has been 15 months since the Turkish state and its allied gangs invaded Afrin. The invaders have been violating international law and are engaged in inhumane practices against the civilians, the natural environment and the historic sites to achieve an ethnic cleansing in Afrin. Civil society organizations, political parties and legal bodies in the region document the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs in Afrin to be sent to human rights and legal organizations.


Thousands of civilians have been abducted in the city to date and most of them are still not accounted for. Abductions are still a daily occurrence in Afrin.

The invaders abducted Ceger Hebes and Niset Ebdulrehman Cano from the Hebo village in the Mabata district on June 11. On June 19, Ibrahim Xelil Cemke, Mustefa Resid Yusif, Zekeriya Ibrahim Naso, Mihemed Ehmed Hebes, Seyid Abdin Cemke, Nesret Eytabi Mihemed and Resid Nuri Hebes were abducted from the Ereba village of the Mabata district.

Firas Izet Henan, Eli Henif Umer and Mustefa Behcet Yusif abducted by the invaders are suspected to have been sent to Turkey.

The invading Turkish soldiers and their allied gangs raided homes in Jindirese’s Keferdil, Telef, Keferzeyt, Gaziya and Kefreya villages. Reliable sources report that Dijwar Mecid from the Telef village and Zuher Eziz, Eli Gule Xeyri, Ednan Ebdo Hemo, Mihemed Ferid, Xelil Hesen Ebdo, Mihemed Hesen, Umer Mihemed Hesen, Besar Mihemed Hesen and Ebdo Mehmud from the Keferzeyt village were abducted.

The gangs abducted civilian Mesurd Ehed Haci and his son named Mehmet on June 21 from Meydanke. There is no information on the father and son’s fate.


The Amshad gang group confiscated homes in the Shiye district’s villages and is marking the homes in black so nobody will approach them.


The Turkish state and their allied gangs have also been taxing the wheat and lentil harvest in Afrin’s villages. The gang group Suleiman Shah is stopping the Qermitliq villagers from watering their fields with the water from the Erende mountain. The gangs only allow the irrigation of confiscated fields.

The Suleiman Shah gang group has trampled ethical limits and have been holding the family of Hisen Xoce for ransom, claiming that the man who used to live in the Cegla village and lost his life 3 months ago in Shehba was a member of the village commune.


The Turkish soldiers and their allied gangs have set cultivated lands on fire in Northern and Eastern Syria and continue the practice in Afrin. Turkish soldiers have set fire to a wide area from the Badina village of the Mabata district to the Derwish and Muske villages. 1.500 olive trees burned down in the fire.