People of Afrin: “We are here, we will resist”

The people of Afrin say they are not afraid of the invading Turkish state and ISIS-Al Nusra gangs’ attacks and add: “We are here, we will resist.”

The invading Turkish army and their gangs continue to attack Afrin. The invasion forces suffer heavy hits by the SDF fighters in the Resistance of the Age, and as the invaders target civilians the people of Afrin say they will resist.

A citizen named Kemanl Ebdo Xelil pointed out the solidarity among the peoples of the region and said: “This solidarity must get stronger in the face of the invading Turkish army and their terrorists’ attacks. We will not allow even a handful of Afrin soil to be invaded. Because Afrin is our land, and we have the right to live here.”

Ednan Mustefa said they will resist until the last drop of their blood and continued: “We have seen the invading Turkish army target civilians, we have seen dozens of civilians being martyred and wounded. This shows that the invading Turkish army and their gangs can’t stand against the SDF’s resistance and resort to attacking civilians.”

Arif Henan stated that they will fight against the invaders right next to the defense forces and added: “We will not allow the invading Turkish army to invade our lands. We will fight the invaders side by side with the SDF. We and our forces are one and the same, we will defend our honor together.”

Egid Ebdulhemid denied the claims that residents are leaving Afrin: “This is not true, the people of Afrin are resisting, they are not abandoning their lands, they are defending them.”