People of Jarablus and Bab rebel against the Turkish invasion

The people of Jarablus and Bab are taking to the streets against Turkey and their allied gangs.

In Northern Syria’s Jarablus and Bab provinces under invasion by the Turkish army and their allied gangs, the grievances and protest among the people increase every day. Hundreds of people defect from the various gangs in the area under Turkey’s control and join the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


The administration in the council formed by the Turkish intelligence in Jarablus under the name “Civilian Council of the Region” is made up of people mostly brought in from elsewhere.

The people have held great protests against Turkey and the gangs they harbor, and have demanded an end to the council formed by Turkey. In the protests, the people also demanded the Turkish state allied gangs to be removed from the provinces.


French agency AFP had published an article on Jarablus where they uncovered that the Turkish flag and photographs of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had been put up in buildings of institutions and organizations in the city.

The people of Jarablus had held protests against Turkey taking control of the institutions on November 20. As a response, the Turkish state opened a school in Jarablus that teaches in Turkish and has Turkish flags flying.


This month, a branch of an Islamic academy was opened in Bab with cooperation by the Turkish Ministry of Education called “Başakşehir”.

Sources in Bab report that the people are not content with Turkey’s practices: “A council was formed in Bab without the knowledge of citizens. This council is not legitimate and all the administrators are outsiders brought in to Bab. The council administrators only carry out the Turkish MİT’s orders.

The Turkish state has been an invader in Jarablus since August 2016. ISIS gangs had withdrawn at the time and Turkey and their allied gangs had settled in.