People of Qamishlo celebrate Newroz

The people of Qamishlo celebrated Newroz with the motto, “Break the isolation liberate Afrin with the spirit of Newroz”.

The people of Qamishlo flocked to the Newroz grounds in the Himo village early in the morning. The grounds were adorned with TEV-DEM, YPG-YPJ, SDF and Kongreya Star flags.

The celebration started with the lighting of the Newroz bonfire by the martyrs’ families.


Kongreya Star Coordination Member Foza Yûsif celebrated Newroz for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the peoples of the Middle East, and said: “We are rewriting history. Under the lead of the Kurds, the will of the peoples are defeating ISIS. We commend the heroism of SDF fighters. The Rojava revolution is in its 8th year. The issues in Syria still haven't been resolved, because it is impossible to solve the problems without the will of the peoples. The peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria have proven that they will build democracy. No solution can develop without the will of the region's peoples.”


Yusif spoke about the threats by the Syrian regime and said: “The Syrian regime is acting irresponsibly and threatening Syrian forces. Like our people have defended the unity of Syria, they will defend it against all threats. We have a democratic project. These threats won't solve the crisis, the crisis will only get deeper. Everybody should know that if there are threats against us, we will defend ourselves.”


Yusif called on the United Nations for the trial of ISIS members and on states to fulfill their responsibilities to their citizens: “The time of construction has begun. Our fight against ISIS has ended, but there are many areas still under occupation. Our fight isn't over in places like Afrin, Bab or Jarablus. Our struggle will continue until Afrin is free. We promise to fight until we liberate Afrin. With the spirit of Newroz, we will break the isolation against Reber Apo and free Afrin.”

Beritan Asya spoke in the name of the Peoples’ Unity and Solidarity Institution (SYPG) and celebrated Newroz. Asya said the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria are living through a historic period with victories against ISIS gangs.

A Newroz message was read in the name of Syriacs, which pointed out that the region's peoples are going through a historic period and celebrated Newroz for all peoples and SDF fighters.

The celebration continued with concerts and traditional dance shows.