PYD: Rojava Revolution is the renaissance of the Middle East

There was a need for a new model, and the Rojava Revolution was the answer, said the PYD.

The General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) has issued a message to mark the sixth anniversary of the 19 July Rojava Revolution.

“There was a need for a new revolution to express a free life, free expression and peaceful life, as a result of the crisis of the sovereign systems in the Middle East”, the statement said. 

"The 19 July Rojava Revolution was the answer to this need. The revolutionary spark that started in Kobane spread all over Rojava and Northern Syria, and this spark is still burning for the construction of a moral political society”, added the statement.

“The revolution was based on democratic politics and a third way. It was in this context, the Democratic Autonomous Administration, led by women and young people, was established”.

The PYD said: “A revolution of self-defense was also developed. Thus, self-defense forces, the YPJ and YPG (Women's and People’s Defense Units) were established to respond to the attacks. The liberation of Kobane and Raqqa and other regions from the world terror of DAESH was not only a victory in Northern Syria, but worldwide. The 19 July Revolution initiated a new process for all the peoples of the Middle East”.

The 19 July Revolution represented a renaissance in the Middle East, said the PYD, and contributed to make changes in the society and to achieve a conscious collective transformation. By countering the reactionary mentality, a new revolutionary mentality based on the Democratic Nation philosophy emerged”.

The statement added: “The Democratic Union Party celebrates the anniversary of the 19 July Revolution of all the peoples of Rojava and Northern Syria and promises that we will protect the achievements reached with the blood of the martyrs of honour”.