TEV-DEM: Raise the struggle against the invading Turkish state

TEV-DEM protested the Turkish state building a wall in Afrin and called to raise the struggle against the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin and the rest of Syrian territory.

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) issued a statement on the invading Turkish state building a wall in Afrin.

The TEV-DEM statement pointed out the following:

“As TEV-DEM, we strongly condemn the building of a wall in Afrin to separate the city from the rest of Syria and announce that we will stand against the invasion using all international legitimate methods.

At a time when international efforts are underway for a temporary constitution, the invading Turkish state is preventing a political solution and causing crises. In this sense, Turkish state invasion has reached the level of fracturing the land, genocide, changing demographics and modifying Afrin’s Syrian Kurdish identity to include the city in Turkish territory. As such, the Turkish state is in violation of international treaties and law.

Turkey hasn’t distanced itself from ISIS, Al Nusra or other terrorist organizations. On the contrary, they have provided opportunity to these organizations to accelerate terrorism and violence in Syria and to stop Syrian forces from getting closer, supporting them with weapons, money, logistics and medicine.

The Turkish state wants to build a wall and include Afrin in Turkish territory. Ankara cites border security for this practice, but this is all done to tear Afrin away from Syrian lands.

With silence from Russia and the international community, Turkish state continues to legitimize invasions and fracturing of lands, in a bid to repeat the scenarios in Cyprus and Iskenderun. Russia must fulfill its moral and historic role against Turkey’s current situation.

We are calling on Bakur, Bashur, Rojava and Rojhilat, all parts of Kurdistan, to raise the struggle against the invading Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin and Syria in general. We believe that the AKP terrorism, now trying to reinstate itself through racist practices after the most recent defeat in the local elections, will be defeated. We fully believe in our resisting people’s will.

As the Democratic Society Movement, we are calling on the UN Security Council, the Arab League, forces of democracy and peace and all international bodies to stand against the invading Turkish state’s practices in Afrin, Idlib, Bab, Jarablus and Azaz and to pressure them to leave Syrian territory and respect the will of the peoples.”