Turkish state tears down Afrin villages to build wall

The invading Turkish state has been building a wall in 3 parts in the Kimare, Cilbil and Meryemin villages in an attempt to completely cut Afrin off from the rest of the region.

With the invasion of Afrin, the Turkish state started to loot, rob and abduct people. Turkey has pillaged the olives, wheat and any crop that could be exploited and committed all imaginable war crimes, and now they are attempting to cut Afrin off from the rest of the region completely.

The invading Turkish state is building a 3 meter high wall in 3 parts in the Kimare an Cilbil villages in Afrin’s Sherawa district and Meryemin village in the Shera district. They have torn down 20 houses to date in Cilbil. The wall is built in 3 parts to avoid drawing attention, and they are reportedly planning to unite these 3 parts within the week. Reports say the wall will be 70 km long, from the Shexberekat region to Afrin and Azaz, and it will cut Afrin off completely from the rest of the region. Another aim of the invading Turkish state in building the wall is to protect the radical gangs.


The wall is being built in front of the Syrian regime’s eyes to see. The Syrian regime has military positions in all of Shehba and Sherawa. There is only a 2 km distance between regime positions in the Tinib and Sixuneke villages in the Sherawa region and the wall being built. But the Syrian regime has yet to issue a statement or give any reaction at all regarding the wall.

Russia also has positions in the north of Syria (in Shehba). There is only a 6 km distance between Russia’s main position in Keshtehare in Sherawa and the wall being built. Russian owned military vehicles are also seen going to and leaving Afrin frequently.


Walls have been put up in various locations inside Afrin as well. Kurds are not allowed to travel to Afrin’s Bilbile and Rajo districts. The two districts have been left to Turkmens completely and Turkmen units have been settled in these districts. Arabs brought from Xuta were settled in Afrin center. Kurds can stay in some areas under Turkish occupation in Sherawa in a symbolic gesture.


Reports say the invading Turkish state is aiming to separate the inner regions of Afrin by building walls as well. There are some 200 Turkish military bases in Afrin and its rural areas, and there are further gang positions and Turkish state intelligence positions as well. The invading Turkish state has set up cameras in Afrin center and all districts. There are also daily patrols by scout planes and fighter jets over Afrin.