24-hour balance sheet of the attacks on North and East Syria

The Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria said that the Turkish occupying state shelled a number of service institutions, including wheat silos, factories and a railway station, on 26 December.

The Press Liaison Centre of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria shared the balance sheet of the Turkish attacks on the region on 26 December.

The statement noted that all infrastructure facilities and service institutions were targeted without discriminating between hospitals, schools, factories and refineries.

It was emphasized that the Turkish state once again attacked many service institutions and civilian settlements at night.

38 attacks in one day

According to the balance sheet, the Turkish state carried out 18 attacks by UCAVs and 20 attacks by heavy weapons.

In these attacks, factories, construction companies, a railway station and 6 other central institutions, including wheat silos, which meet the basic needs of the people, were bombed.

2 houses belonging to civilians were also bombed.

10 checkpoints of Internal Security Forces in Cizir Canton and Kobanê city were also targeted in the attacks on 26 December:

"The occupying Turkish state carried out 11 attacks against Cizir Canton. These attacks targeted 1 checkpoint in Qamishlo and 2 checkpoints in Amûdê, the Qamishlo ring road, the bulghur factory in Birbawî town south of Qamishlo, the vicinity of wheat silos in Gir Ziyaretê Çole village in the west of Girkê Legê district, the wheat silo in Amûdê district, Tawîle village west of Til Temir, the railway station, Covid-19 hospital, the houses of citizens named Hekîm Hac Bekir and Eşref El Kiya in Dirbêsîyê district, the construction company in Qamishlo and the Elaya neighbourhood.

In the attacks on Kobanê city of Euphrates Canton, 2 checkpoints of the Internal Security Forces at the entrance of the city, 1 checkpoint in the south of the city and other checkpoints in Hêlinc, Sheran and Shîran districts of the city were targeted."

19 attacks on Afrin-Shehba

The Autonomous Administration stated that in addition to the attacks on Cizir Canton and Kobanê city, 19 more attacks were carried out against different regions of Afrin-Shehba Canton.

According to the statement, the Bênê village in Şêrawa district, the Merenaz village in Şera district, as well as the villages of Til Qira, Um Hoş, Semûqa, Til Çîçan, Til Medîq, Minix, Bêlûniye, Şêx Îsa, Hirbil, Wehşiye and the surroundings of Til Rifat district in Shehba were bombed.

"The occupying Turkish state continues its attacks against the region. As a result of the attacks (on 25 December), 8 citizens were martyred and dozens were injured. At the same time, there was heavy material damage. International forces active in Syria, especially Russia and the international coalition, are silent against the attacks,” stated AANES.