Afrin People's Municipality carries out work in embargoed Shehba

After the invasion of the Turkish state and its mercenaries, the Afrin People's Municipality continues to work in the canton of Shehba, where thousands of citizens from Afrin have been displaced.

The infrastructure of Shehba was badly damaged during the occupation carried out by ISIS and other mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish prior to the liberation of these areas in 2016.

Thousands of people fled Afrin in March 2018, when the Turkish state occupied the city and region. They settled in Shehba despite the hard conditions and poor regional infrastructure. They live under pressure and in a very difficult situation.

The People's Municipality is trying to do maintenance and repair works on the damaged roads in Shehba, however the biggest obstacle is the embargo imposed by the Syrian government to the region.

The municipality, which attempted to supply asphalt material to the region, eventually because of the embargo had to carry out repairs on the roads of the cities of Um El Hoş and Herbel with stone chips.

Melik Hisên, co-chair of the Afrin Municipality Committee, told ANHA: "Sewerage and infrastructure restoration work continues. There is a project of asphalting the roads. However, we have difficulty in obtaining asphalt due to the embargo imposed in the region. The war in Shehba in the previous years had damaged the infrastructure of the region to a great extent and we are trying to repair the damage with our limited resources and the impossibility of receiving materials because of the embargo."