Another war crime by Turkey: Waters of the Euphrates cut off

Following their massacres and invasion in Northern Syria, the Turkish state now uses water as a weapon of war. The cutting off of the waters of the Euphrates River is causing difficult times for the residents of Tabqa.

According to ANHA news agency, the Turkish state cutting off the waters of the Euphrates River has resulted in power being provided 12 hours a day to provinces in the region.

Crops on cultivated land are under threat of drying out due to a lack of water in Tabqa where businesses are severely affected by the inhuman attacks.

Businesses can only receive 12 hours of power in a day, and as water is cut off, they are forced to use generators, which means an added cost.

Shopkeeper Mustefa Ehmed El Hisên stated that they had started to live in peace after their living spaces were liberated from ISIS gangs and added: “But the policies of the Turkish state have resulted in a lack of water and power in the city, which is affecting the people adversely.”

El Hisên said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is violating all kinds of international laws and added: “We are living without power due to the cutting off of the Euphrates waters, and that is affecting our businesses.”

Shopkeeper Xalid El Imêrî said all businesses in the city have to use generators: “The shopkeepers are affected adversely in the economic sense, but also the citizens are sick of the noise from generators.”