Another woman's body discovered in sewage system in Camp Hol

Another woman's body has been discovered in the sewage system in Camp Hol in northern Syria. Thousands of families of ISIS jihadists are interned in the camp.

Another woman's body was discovered at Camp Hol near Hesekê. The body found in the sewers by internal security forces was identified as that of a woman from Deir ez-Zor. So far it is unknown who is behind the murder.

On 30 May security forces discovered a decapitated woman's body in an open space between the 2nd and 3rd sectors, also in Camp Hol.

Since the beginning of 2022, 25 murders have been registered at Camp Hol, and other people have been injured in attempted murders. Many murders go undetected, as people simply disappear and their bodies are buried under tents or other places.

Camp Hol, ISIS secret capital

Camp Hol is currently housing 29,142 refugees from Iraq, 18,903 from Syria and 8,109 families of ISIS jihadists. The ISUS women have set up new structures in the camp, such as a Hisbah squad, which terrorizes the other residents. This is also possible, among other things, because the countries of origin of many of the jihadists do not assume any responsibility for their nationals. Since the Turkish attacks, the number of murders in the camp has also increased.

Camp Hol is considered the most dangerous refugee camp in the world.