Assyrians in Til Temir: Stop Erdoğan’s terror

They claim that it is about liberation, but they attack to plunder our homes, our homeland. These people are terrorists, that should be clear to everyone. We cannot live with them," tell the Assyrians in the northern Syrian town of Til Temir.

The attacks of the Turkish state and ISIS/Al-Qaida groups on north-eastern Syria continue. One of the centres on which the attacks have been concentrated in recent days is Til Temir. The Assyrians living in the region appeal to the world public and declare: "We cannot live together with these terrorists".

The jihadist groups that Erdoğan has now given the label "Syrian National Army" and that are sold to the world as "Syrian rebels" attacked the village of Xabûr near Til Temir in 2015 under the name "Islamic State" and murdered dozens of Assyrians, while hundreds more were kidnapped. YPG/YPJ intervention saved thousands of Assyrians from massacre and repulsed the barbaric gangs.

The Assyrians, who are again confronted with an attack by the Turkish state and Islamist gangs today, appeal to the United Nations and the European Union, but above all to the people of the world, to fight against terror and occupation.

Leave or stay?

Due to the invasion, many Assyrians have already fled, says Valentina Harcik from Til Temir: "Some have gone, others have stayed. Fleeing from home and living in foreign place is not easy. In order to be able to live far from home, you need good material conditions. What is to become of the children's future now? Here there were schools, there was education. Now everything has been discontinued. Everyone is now faced with the choice of whether to leave or stay."

The disaster affects us all

Before the invasion began, the people were doing well, but the situation has deteriorated due to the recent attacks, says Valentina and continues: "But we didn't give up hope. Here, the peoples and faith communities of the region have joined hands to defend their future together. When a disaster strikes, it affects us all, not just the Assyrians, the Arabs or the Kurds. Our fate is the same. We all are the people of Syria and have suffered a great deal. That is why we are all fighting together. I believe that we will emerge even stronger from this war".

Tell the world about it

"What does Erdoğan want from us", asks Boris Yuhana, another Assyrian inhabitant of Til Temir: "We are not well at the moment because of the war, but before that we lived in peace. Now Erdoğan has come and wants to kill us, our Kurdish and Arab brothers and sisters. We really don't know what he gets out of it and what he wants from us. I call on our people living abroad to stand up and fight a revolutionary struggle. The whole world should be told what is done to us. I also appeal to the UN not to remain silent. Erdoğan and its terrorist groups are attacking innocent people. He has no right to do so. He has no right to attack the Kurds, the Assyrians or any other people or religious community. He wants to occupy our country, but we will not accept that."

We cannot live with these terrorists

Şemun Kako is the representative of the Assyrian Party in Til Temir. He points out that the Assyrians are involved both in the defense and in the administration of Northern and Eastern Syria: "In this region stability prevailed. The invasion is intended to destroy this stability. We have lived in peace for the last four years. That didn't suit Erdoğan and its terrorist gangs, so they launched an attack they call ‘spring of peace'. We call this operation ‘spring of plunder and destruction'. They claim that it is about liberation, but they attack to plunder our homes, our homeland. It is a destructive attack. These people are terrorists, that should be clear to everyone. We cannot live with them."