At least 22 people abducted by mercenaries in Afrin in one month

The Turkish state forces and allied mercenaries continue committing crimes in their genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria in violation of international law.

Lawyer Ibrahim Şêxo, spokesperson of the Human Rights Organization, spoke about the fascist practices of the occupying Turkish and mercenary forces in Afrin and the crimes of humanity they are carrying out. 

Şêxo told ANHA that 22 people, 2 of them women, were abducted in Afrin in the past month. Stating that the families of the kidnapped were asked for ransom, Şêxo said: "One of the kidnapped women, Hêvîn Mori, was living in the village of Celeme in Jindirês. Mori was kidnapped by Faylaq al-Sham mercenaries because her family didn't marry Mori to a mercenary. Her fate is unknown."

Şêxo also said that a base was created in Jindirês for mercenaries sent to Libya. "The Turkish state continues to send mercenaries to Libya according to the information we received from local sources in Afrin. We have learned that some mercenary groups who did not want to go to Libya were eliminated. Someone known as 'Emşart' trained Sultan Murad and Samarkand mercenaries before sending them to Libya. Some children are given weapons. 14-year-old children were made soldiers at Maarat al-Numan in Idlib and a child named Ebdo Şêxo in the village of Rota in Mabata was sent to Libya by force."

Şêxo also said that mercenaries are taking from every house between 75 thousand to 100 thousand Syrian lira. Emphasizing that the mercenaries continue to plunder, he added that the region's historical places were plundered under the name of restoration and that valuable works were stolen and sent to Europe.