Autonomous Administration sets up Crisis Desk to counter Covid-19

Coronavirus case has not been detected in Northern and Eastern Syria so far.

An information meeting was held in Qamisllo by the Crisis Desk to combat coronavirus.

The meeting held at the Conference Hall of the Foreign Relations building was attended by the co-chair of the Internal Affairs Committee Hêvîn Mistefa, co-chair of the Committee of Local Governments and Municipalities Jozêf Lehdo and the co-chair of the Health Committee Ciwan Mistefa.

Ciwan Mistefa said that the coronavirus case has not been detected in Northern and Eastern Syria so far.

He added that every precaution is being taken to prevent the virus from entering North and East Syria. "We will continue to take every precaution to protect our people against this virus. All collective events in March have been canceled. This includes Newroz celebrations. It has also been decided that Friday prayers should not be performed collectively. Transportation vehicles that have been serving for 24 hours were stopped."

Mistefa also underlined that public support is crucial to fight the virus. "Despite all kinds of technology and techniques, we cannot claim that we will face this virus, which the world is unable to face. But we will continue to take all kinds of measures. If our people help us, we can prevent the virus from entering our country."

Mistefa added that the number of health centres has been increased and called for suspected cases to apply to health centres immediately.

Mistefa stated that the Health Committee is working 24 hours, and pointed out that the Damascus administration has not provided any help.

Stating that they want to work in coordination with the Syrian Government to protect the Syrian people from the virus, Mistefa added that they are in contact with the World Health Organization (WHO).