Autonomous Administration: We are ready to play our part

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria found the re-admission of Syria to the Arab League positive, and said: "We are ready to assume a role in a political solution."

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) issued a written statement regarding the re-admission of Syria to the Arab League.

The statement said: "The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria closely follows the international and Arab world initiatives for a solution to the Syrian crisis, and attaches importance to the efforts made by the Arab countries in the last few months. Important meetings are being held in search for a solution. We hope that these efforts will bring about a positive result."

The statement also welcomed the re-admission of Syria to the Arab League following a meeting of the body’s foreign ministers on 7 May.

Emphasizing that it is important for Syria to be included in the Arab League again, but this should not be an obstacle to the political solution to the Syrian crisis, the statement said: "This should be an important step for the political work in Syria. We hope that the Arab League will take an active role in this matter."

Need for a comprehensive solution

The Autonomous Administration underlined the importance of the declaration it issued on 18 April, and called on the Arab League and the UN to play a constructive role in the solution of the Syrian crisis, taking into account the views of the Syrians. "There are common issues that Arab countries should focus on. For this reason, it is necessary to work together within the scope of a comprehensive political solution."

The statement said that the Autonomous Administration welcomes Syria's admission to the Arab League within the scope of international interests, the protection of Syria's integrity and the construction of a decentralized democratic system, and added: "We will increase efforts for the beginning of true dialogue with the Syrian Government and the Syrian forces who believe in a political-democratic solution. We hope to carry out joint work with Arab countries.

We can play a positive role in the search for a political solution. We have political, economic, security and humanitarian opportunities. We call on the Arab League to engage in dialogue with all Syrians, not just one side. Because the political solution needs a general consensus. We are ready to work together with Arab states and the UN on key issues such as the fight against terrorism, drugs and migration. We hope that the suffering of the Syrian people in the past 12 years will come to an end. We will work to achieve security and a political solution so that the Syrians, with all their ethnic backgrounds, can live with dignity."