Ceremony for SDF and YPJ fighters in Shehba

The Afrin Martyrs' Families Assembly organized a ceremony to pay tribute to the 5 SDF and YPJ fighters who had fallen martyr. Thousands attended the ceremony.

The Afrin Martyrs' Families Assembly organised a ceremony to the SDF and YPJ fighters who fell martyr during the Honor Resistance. The martyrs are Hindi Hindî (Birûsk Şêrawa), Zîlan Hisên (Gêrîla Çiya), Mihemed Elo (Kendal Tîrêj), Şefîq Bîlel (Mazlûm Dogan) and Şiyar Cemn (Şir).

Thousands of people from the region of Afrin attended the ceremony held at Martyr Berxwedan Refugee Camp.
Şadiye Ibrahim spoke on behalf of the Martyrs' Families Assembly while Hediye Yusif spoke on behalf of Kongra Star.

Yusif said: "The resistance of the Syrian people in the Resistance of the Age and the Honor Resistance has had a great impact on the people in terms of protection of human rights. Therefore, this resistance is legitimate. Our resistance will continue until victory and until we defeat the invaders."

Members of the Martyrs' Families Assembly, Mihemed Ebdo and Newroz Ebdo, read the documents of the martyrs and delivered them to their families.