“Demographic change in northern Syria violates international law”

According to the German Parliament’s scientific service, the targeted demographic change and the plans to settle 2.5 million refugees in the Turkish-occupied territories in northern Syria violate international law.

An expert opinion of the Scientific Services of the German Parliament on the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Turkey to the Turkish-occupied areas in Northern Syria states that such a targeted change in demography would violate international law.

The resettlement of Syrian refugees in the Kurdish autonomous zone announced by the Turkish government would be permissible "only within the narrow limits" and only without a "targeted change in demographic structure".

The Erdoğan regime has repeatedly stated that it wants to resettle up to two and a half million Syrian refugees from Turkey in the occupied territories in northern Syria. According to the report, this violates international law, as there are no reasons for "the security of the people or compelling military reasons". In reality, the opposite is the case. The Turkish invasion has already led to massive ethnic displacements and the settlement of jihadist families.