Turkey continues demographic change policy in Northern Syria

Turkey's demographic change policy in the occupied territories in Northern Syria is gaining momentum.

Since October 9, the Turkish state has been attacking northern Syrian cities in violation of international law. Despite a ceasefire agreement with Russia, the Turkish state terrorizes the people with artillery attacks and expels the original inhabitants of the region. Instead of the displaced population the families of the SNA mercenaries are settled.

The so-called "Syrian National Army" (SNA), commanded by Turkey, is an alliance of jihadist and right-wing extremist groups, some of which, like the Al-Qaeda branch Ahrar al-Sham, are also internationally recognised as terrorist organisations. The families of these jihadists from Idlib, Homs, Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz and Ghouta are settled in the entire occupied territory.

1,500 jihadist families settled in Serekaniye

1,500 families of members of the Sultan Murad Brigade and Liwa al-Sham were brought from Ceylanpınar in Northern Kurdistan to Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) and settled in the districts of Xerabat and Hawarna a week ago. In Ceylanpınar, a district of the Urfa province bordering Rojava, the Turkish army trained jihadists and sent them and their families across the Turkish border at Serêkaniyê.

60 more families settled in Serêkaniyê

According to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) based in Rojava, 60 families of Sultan Murad mercenaries, brought in from Idlib and Homs through Ceylanpınar, have been settled in Ronahi neighborhood of Serêkaniyê two days ago.

25 mercenary families settled in two villages of Til Temir

On the other hand, 5 families of mercenaries have been settled in Xirbet Cimo village and 20 other families in Hiras village that administratively belong to the town of Til Temir (Tal Tamr), which is predominantly inhabited by Christian Syriacs and Assyrians.

Til Temir lies outside the region designated for the so-called "safe zone" but is repeatedly attacked by the Turkish army and its proxy troops of the so-called "Syrian National Army". Ankara wants to extend its zone of occupation to all cities in the border strip and has already occupied around 80 Christian settlements in and around Til Temir.