Family of martyr of Serêkaniyê: Erdogan cannot remain unpunished

The people who resisted the attacks of the Turkish state in the Serêkaniyê war were forced to emigrate. A family of martyrs said that Erdogan had brought nothing but persecution and should not remain unpunished.

Dirbesiyê is one of the cities of Cizre canton where hundreds of families settled after being displaced. Elderly parents of Martyr Davut Seydo Elo, who were forced to emigrate to Dirbesiyê, told about the difficulties of migration.

Xelef Buro said his son's martyrdom "hurts like a thorn in his heart" and added: "We were leading a beautiful life in Serêkaniyê. My son was just married. My grandson Rodi lost his father when he was a 5-month-old baby in the battle of Serêkaniyê in 2013, when his father lost his life in the battle against al-Nusra. In that war we had gone to Turkey. It was difficult to live there, and for the second time we had to emigrate from our city because of a heavier attack."

Buro added: "Erdogan has brought nothing to the public other than persecution. God sees these things and I hope that he will punish him. Our house, our sustenance and our labor remained there. I hope to return again and live in our lands."

Davut Seydo's mother Cemila Seydo said: "When we thought we had survived a massacre, we faced a bigger massacre. We had a beautiful life together with our neighbors. Our neighbors were killed, nobody left. From there, we went to a village close to Hesekê and then to Hesekê.

A lot of people went there and there was not much space, so we came to Dirbesiyê. They found us a two-room house. We are currently 6 people living in this two bedroom house. The people opened their houses and gave us things. We want to return home."