Four children injured amid ongoing Turkish attacks on North-East Syria

The Turkish state continues targeting the civilian population in its increasingly ongoing attacks against North-East Syria since 19 November.

The village of Mielek in Ain Issa, the Ain Issa Camp and the M4 highway were attacked by the Turkish army and allied mercenaries with howitzers on Saturday.

The villages of Qeremox and Ceşan in Kobanê were also targeted by howitzer fire, while the village of Îbrahîm Kurdo west of the Turkish-occupied Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) canton was attacked by heavy weaponry.

Reports are coming through of aerial activity over the region concurrently with the attacks.

The village of Gozeliyê southwest of Til Temir was shelled with howitzers today. The village of Til El Leben in the Til Temir area was also attacked by the occupation forces.

On the other hand, an unexploded missile shell previously fired by the Turkish army in the region has exploded in the village of El Micêbire in Til Temir. Four children were injured as a result of the explosion and taken to the Lêgerîn Hospital in Til Temir.

The injured children were identified as Silêman Nesir Şilo (11), Bedran Nesir Şilo (15), Elî Mehmûd Şilo (11), Xalid Mehmûd Şilo (13).