Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative collects 1.5 million signatures in North-East Syria

The Initiative for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan reported that 1.5 million signatures were collected as of yesterday in the signature campaign launched on February 9 in North and East Syria.

Ferzende Munzur, the Syrian spokesperson of the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative, said that the signatures collected within the campaign for the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan will be sent to the Council of Europe on April 4.

Speaking to ANF, Munzur said that the signature campaign was launched on February 9 by the People's Initiative for North and East Syria after the formation of committees in all cities.

Munzur remarked that they are working at the level of mobilization to ensure Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom and added: "Within the scope of the campaign, which was met by the people with great interest, signatures are being collected by going from house to house and institution to institution, and stands are being set up. 1.5 million signatures have been collected so far. The signature campaign will continue until April 4."

Letter to 11 health and legal institutions

Ferzende Munzur noted that on February 29, they started a campaign to send letters to 11 health and legal institutions and organizations that advocate for human rights ,including Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, the UN Human Rights Council, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture-CPT, the UN Committee Against Torture, the UN Human Rights Council, the Council of Europe, the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Munzur continued: "Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) represents a people and determines its political destiny. There are serious violations of law against Leader Apo. On February 29, institutions and organizations in Northern and Eastern Syria will send letters. This campaign is led by the Initiative for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan."

CPT acts according to Turkey

Recalling the fact that the CPT delegation was in Turkey on February 13-22 but did not visit İmralı, Ferzende Munzur said: "İmralı is a prison where human rights are violated the most, where the greatest systematic resistance and the greatest torture are practiced. The biggest torture center is İmralı. At a time when the Kurdish people and their friends are raising their voices to break the torture and isolation of Öcalan and to ensure his physical freedom, the CPT is visiting prisons in Turkey, but not İmralı, which it should visit. The CPT is acting according to Turkey's political interests. It is far from its duties and responsibilities. The CPT should go to Turkey again and visit İmralı urgently. There have been more than four earthquakes in Marmara within a month. Leader Apo's lawyers and family should meet with him urgently. We do not know what is happening in İmralı. The CPT must also fulfill its duty."