Girê Spi Assembly deputy co-chair: Time to say Turkey to stop occupation

Girê Spi Assembly deputy co-chair, Fezea Mihemmed, said it is time to say "stop" to the Turkish state.

Condemning the Turkish state's attacks on Medya Defense Areas, Girê Spî Assembly deputy co-chair Fezea Mihemmed said: "Iraq is a member of the Arab League. The Arab League and Arab states must take a stand against this aggression."

The attacks on North-East Syria are increasing, and ISIS sleeper cells are beginning to come to the surface again. Stating that the closing of the border gates coincided with the attacks, Fezea Mihemmed continued as follows: “All this is developing within the framework of a plan and conspiracy. Just as they wanted to develop a conspiracy against the Autonomous Administration before, they continue their plans today in the same way. Against all these, we continue to resist with the strength of our people. The Turkish state both occupies another country's territory and supports mercenaries. Therefore, some sanctions should be applied.”

Fezea Mihemmed said that they will not bow to any threat or attack by the Turkish state and underlined that they are not afraid and that they will continue to defend their lands. He also noted that international forces and institutions turn a blind eye to the violations carried out by the Turkish state. “The Turkish state is an obstacle to a solution in Syria. Turkey trains, organizes, and sends mercenaries here and to Libya, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Syria. Wherever it goes, the Turkish state creates chaos, commits massacres and becomes a major obstacle to the solution to problems. For this reason, the Turkish state must now be told to stop."

The Arab Union should break the silence

Reminding that the Iraqi army fled during the ISIS occupation of Mosul, as it did in Shengal, Fezea Mihemmed said that the guerrillas defended the entire region and that the Iraqi state has lost its initiative. “The Turkish state is entering Iraqi territory, but despite the occupation, the Iraqi state has not taken a concrete stance until now. The Turkish state is attacking us as well as South Kurdistan today. Attacking the guerrillas means attacking us, because they liberated our lands from the ISIS mercenaries. That is why we are very angry at the silence of the Arab states. Turkey wants to do what he did to Syria in Iraq. Once again, I would like to appeal to the Arab League: You must speak out against this occupation. Do not leave Iraq and Syria in the hands of the Turkish state.”