Girê Spi Canton Council Municipalities Committee opens 'Women's Park' in Ain Issa

Girê Spi Canton Council Municipalities Committee opened a "Women's Park" in Ain Issa.

Despite the continuing attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state against Ain Issa district, the Girê Spi Canton Council Municipal Committee, in cooperation with the Ain Issa District People's Municipality, restored the public park near the historical fountain in the city center within a year. About 40 thousand dollars were spent on the restoration of the park.

The width of the park is 20 acres. In the center of the park is a water lake, volleyball stadium, theater, children's games and pet farm. The history of the park dates back to the 70s and, for a long time, was neglected. When the area was occupied by mercenaries, the trees were cut down and the park abandoned.

With the start of the renovation project, the Girê Spî Women's Committee together with the relevant committees planted 1,500 trees in the park.

The park was opened on Wednesday with the participation of the people of the city.