Guerrillas carry out actions in Metîna and Zap

In Metîna, a member of the Turkish occupation forces was shot dead by a sniper from the YJA Star. The women's guerrilla also brought down a drone and destroyed the military's surveillance equipment.

In the Metîna region in South Kurdistan, a member of the Turkish occupation forces was killed by a sniper from the Free Women’s Units (YJA Star). The press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) said on Monday that “the action took place not far from Bamernê Hill.” The HPG also reported twelve other attacks against military personnel that have taken place since Saturday.

According to the information, the guerrillas' actions were concentrated exclusively on the western front of the Zap region. Most of these actions, six in number, took place on Girê Cûdî. Two surveillance cameras were also destroyed and a drone brought down there by the deployment of a sniper unit from the YJA Star. In addition, the guerrillas repeatedly prevented the expansion of military positions by using artillery.

At Girê FM, the guerrillas carried out sabotage against an attempted advance on underground tunnel systems. A military dog ​​equipped with a camera was also discovered. It was used by occupiers as a so-called vanguard to penetrate a tunnel system. The technology attached to the animal was confiscated. A second guerrilla sabotage led to the construction of new army positions being halted. In addition, a surveillance camera was shot to pieces at Girê FM.

Attacks by the Turkish army

Regarding the attacks by the Turkish army, the HPG said that the tunnel systems at Girê Cûdî and Girê FM were each attacked once with prohibited bombs. In addition, the HPG recorded several air strikes by Turkish fighter planes over the weekend. A total of seven targets in South Kurdistan were hit. Parts of Xakurke, Metîna and Zap were affected by the shelling. The HPG did not provide any information on the extent of the air strikes.