High attendance in the mourning for activists killed by Turkey

Since this morning, a funeral tent has been visited in Qamishlo, where condolences are offered for Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mele Xelîl and Amina Waysî. The activists died on Tuesday in Kobanê in a Turkish drone attack.

The sympathy of the mourners after the deadly drone attack by Turkey on Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mele Xelîl and Amina Waysî is overwhelming. Several people have already visited the mourning tent in the northeast Syrian city Qamishlo, where condolences are offered for the three women. The extra-legal execution of activists of the women's movement in Rojava by a Turkish drone attack on a residential house in Kobanê last Tuesday has caused horror. All over the world, people took to the streets to protest against violence against women by Turkey and its occupying forces.

The mourning tent for the activists is located at the Delîl Saruxan Cemetery of Martyra and was set up jointly by the women's movement Kongreya Star and the Council of Martyrs’ Relatives. Since this morning, more and more people from the Cizîrê region are arriving, especially representatives of political parties and civil society have come to comfort the relatives of the killed activists.

Also Hediye Şemo from the board of Kongreya Star is on site. In an address, the activist said that the targeted attack on her companions Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mele Xelîl and Amina Waysî was an attack by the Turkish state on the free will of the women who led the Rojava revolution.

Hevîn Seyit said on behalf of the families of martyrs: "We feel deeply attached to the line of resistance of those who sacrificed their lives to defend their motherland. Therefore, we will continue on their path."