HPC protect the society under all circumstances

Social Defence Forces (HPC) are on duty in every street and neighborhood in Kobanê to make the city a safer place.

The population of northern and eastern Syria is aware of the threat to the region which has recently witnessed repeated attempts of attack by ISIS sleeper cells. Even more dangerous than the ISIS are the attacks and dirty schemes of the Turkish state.

In order to protect the people of North and East Syria, self-defense structures have been formed out of self-organization. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are at the forefront of this and they provide security outside the cities. Within the cities, the ‘Internal Security Forces’ formerly known as ‘Asayish’ are active. Another force maintaining security in settlement areas is the Social Defence Forces (Hêzên Parastina Civakî, HPC) and the Social Defence Forces of Women (HPC-Jin) that were formed within the scope of the ‘Democratic Nation’ project after the Rojava Revolution.

The population undertakes its own safety

The population does not rely on external forces for its protection and defence, but is instead sets up its own structures for defence. In Kobanê there are military and public defence forces, but every evening dozens of citizens inside the city also take up arms and protect their streets. These people form the HPC.

The people of Kobanê are well aware of the threat against the region and therefore take part in the HPC forces that organize through communes. The HPC are active at all times everywhere in the city and play an important role in the defence of the city. Women and men organise themselves here both autonomously and together.

Muna Silêman (38) from the HPC in Kobanê tells: "I do what is necessary to defend my city. Despite all difficulties I try to carry out my task well. I keep watch two to three times a week. Defending the land means defending honour. We will continue our task until the threat to our region is over."