HRE: 2 Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin, 4 terrorists in Mare

According to HRE, 2 Turkish soldiers were killed in Afrin and 4 mercenaries in Mare.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement reporting continued actions against the Turkish invasion army and allied mercenary groups in Afrin and Mare regions.

HRE detailed the actions as follows;

“Our units targeted a military base of the Turkish invasion army in the vicinity of the Basufane village in Afrin’s Sherawa district on August 29. Two soldiers were killed and four others killed as a result of the action.

On August 30, our units hit a base of Turkish-backed terrorists near the Mare town. Concurrently, our forces targeted an antiaircraft weapon mounted vehicle. The two actions left the vehicle destroyed, 4 terrorists dead and 2 others wounded.”