KNK: We will not allow occupation in Kurdistan

At the 22nd General Assembly meeting of the KNK, the Turkish state's occupation attacks on Metîna were condemned it was empasised that "We will not allow the hegemony of the occupiers in the lands of Kurdistan.”

On the second day of the General Assembly meeting of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in the Netherlands, a joint statement was made about the latest wave of invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state in the Metîna region of the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

"We hereby condemn with a strong voice all the invasion attacks and operations of the Turkish state," said the statement read by KNK Co-Chair Zeynep Murad.

The statement emphasised that the 22nd General Assembly of the KNK discussed in detail the threats that exist in the territory of Kurdistan and said "Down with the occupation" and "Long Live the Resistance of Kurdistan".

In the statement, on behalf of all parties and circles gathered in the committee, a call was made to all parties and sections in Kurdistan, especially those in South Kurdistan:

"Invasion attacks and military operations have been started in order to destroy our people, and our enemies have once again decided to drag our people and our lands into a great war. It seems that a large-scale operation has been carried out since yesterday. On behalf of those present here, we once again condemn these operations and attacks and say no to the occupation with the voice of Kurds and the people of Kurdistan. We will not allow the hegemony of the occupiers in the lands of Kurdistan.”

Noting that with these attacks the Turkish state wants to destroy the gains of the Kurdish people over the years, especially the status of South Kurdistan, the statement concluded as follows: "This is a broad and total war. Therefore, a comprehensive, total and mobilised attitude is needed. We state that no one - all concerned sides, our people and especially the people of South Kurdistan, parties and political parties - should be a part of this ugly conspiracy, this war on the territory of Kurdistan. We consider this resistance valuable. Therefore, we support with all our voices the resistance of our people and the freedom fighters standing against the occupation."

The statement ended with the slogans "Down with the occupiers", "End the occupation", "End the occupying mentality", "Bijî Kurdistan" (Long Live Kurdistan) and "Bijî berxwedana Kurdistanê" (Long Live the Resistance of Kurdistan).