MAK destroys a Turkish military point in Amed

The Kurdistan Freedom Militia announced that they targeted a military point used by Turkish soldiers and guards in Amed (Diyarbakır).

The Kurdistan Freedom Militia (Milîsên Azadiya Kurdistanê-MAK) announced that a bomb attack was carried out against a military point on the Diyarbakır/Ergani road around 03:40 on the night of 19 May.

The statement by MAK said, "This military point plays a role both in occupation attacks against guerrilla areas and in attacks and operations on our people. After the detection of this place used by the occupying soldiers and village guards, an action was carried out with bombs with infiltration tactics at night. As a result of the action by our militia, who tread on the heels of the enemy, a huge explosion occurred and the military point was destroyed. After the action, our militia safely withdrew from the area."

The statement stressed that, "As MAK Militia, we will continue to target the invaders and their collaborators."