Manbij Military Council: 52 mercenaries were killed, 102 others injured

The Manbij Military Council Commander Mihemed Abu Adil expressed his gratitude to the tribes of the region for thwarting the plans of the Turkish state.

The Manbij Military Council issued a statement on the attacks on the region by the Turkish state and its mercenary forces. The multi-ethnic city of Manbij in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria has been subjected to a massive wave of attacks for almost two weeks. The Manbij Military Council is affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and contradicts the Turkish state's propaganda that Arab tribes have risen up against it. The attackers, it said, are Turkish-controlled groups of the so-called SNA (Syrian National Army) and the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly al-Nusra).  

The statement issued by the Manbij Military Council on Saturday was supported by the Jaysh al-Thuwar and Jabhat al-Akrad associations, which also belong to the SDF, and representatives of civil society. The Manbij Military Council Commander Mihemed Abu Adil pointed out that the wave of attacks on the surrounding areas of Manbij, Ain Issa, Girê Spî, Til Temir and Zirgan had begun in parallel with the SDF's "Operation Security Reinforcement" in Deir ez-Zor. The aim was to cause chaos in the region and create artificial conflicts between the population groups.

"The Turkish occupying state and its gangs are using all kinds of dirty methods to break the will of our people and our fighters and are mainly using digital media to do so. Various heavy weapons are used in the attacks. Citizens have fallen and the infrastructure of the region and the property of the people have been severely damaged," said Abu Adil.

The courageous resistance of the fighters of the Manbij Military Council has so far caused all attacks to fail. At least 52 mercenaries were killed, and 102 mercenaries wounded in the defence of Manbij, according to the council. Among the casualties were members of ISIS and HTS, which was proven by the insignia on their clothing. Nine military vehicles belonging to the attackers were destroyed, and the military council was able to recover weapons and ammunition.

Five civilians were killed in the attacks and four others suffered serious injuries. In the village of Mahsanli, two residents were abducted by mercenary forces. Four fighters of the Manbij Military Council were martyred and six others were injured. Bozan Berkel was martyred in an attack on a car belonging to the Military Council's communications office.

Abu Adil praised the idealistic support of the resistance by the people of Manbij and the role of the youth who fought on all fronts together with the Military Council. The commander expressed his gratitude to the tribes of the region for thwarting the plans of the Turkish state.