Mazloum Abdi: Health personnel are our commanders

SDF Commander General Mazloum Abdi calls in a video message for the measures against the spread of the coronavirus adopted by the autonomous administration in northeast Syria to be followed.

The Commander General of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Mazloum Abdi, has called for increased attention in view of the corona pandemic. In a video message published on Twitter, he calls on the people of northern and eastern Syria to adhere to the protective measures adopted by the autonomous administration:

"As we all observe, the corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world. Even if there is no confirmed case of infection in our region, the danger is very great. The Autonomous Administration has decided on measures to counteract this.

We must all adopt and implement these safeguards. As the possibilities in our region are limited, the most important measure is to protect ourselves from the virus. It is not enough just to protect the towns, we must at the same time implement the decisions that have been taken to protect our families, our surroundings, our friends from the virus.

We hereby declare that health personnel are our commanders at this critical time. We welcome the struggle of the health workers and call on the people to stand by them and to abide by the measures adopted to prevent the spread of the virus".