More coronavirus cases and deaths in Northeast Syria

Since the coronavirus pandemic also affected the isolated autonomous regions in northern and eastern Syria, a high mortality rate has been recorded. With 1398 confirmed infections, 61 deaths have been reported so far.

In Kobanê, two women have died after infection with the coronavirus. The number of pandemic deaths in northeast Syria has thus increased to 61, announced Ciwan Mistefa co-chair of the health committee of the Autonomous Administration on Sunday morning.

With 39 new infections detected, the total number of cases has increased to 1398. In Hesekê 17 persons tested positive, while further infections were confirmed in Qamishlo (9), Girkê Legê (4), Dêrik (3), Tirbespiyê (2), Çilaxa (1), Rimêlan (1) and Til Temir (1). While seven other persons have recovered, the total number is reported as 397.