Mother and baby kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Girê Spî

Forces affiliated with the occupying Turkish state have kidnapped a mother and her baby in Girê Spî Canton, north-eastern Syria.

According to information received from local sources, Turkish intelligence-linked forces raided the house of the El-Erif family in the village of al-Hiwaja and kidnapped Kefa El-Erif and her baby.

The family from the El-Meşhure tribe revealed that Kefa El-Erif's husband, Merwan El-Erif, and her father, Qasim were also kidnapped by the same forces.

The Turkish-backed forces had previously kidnapped a woman and her baby in the Turkmen town of Hamam in Girê Spî (ar: Tal Abyad).

The Turkish state has established a regime of terror in the territories it has invaded together with jihadist groups under its control. Crimes such as kidnapping, execution, torture, plundering and forced migration have become a daily routine and war crimes are systematically committed, especially in the canton of Afrin which has been occupied since March 2018.