Mothers of martyrs in Kobane salute 15 August Initiative

Mothers vowed to carry the flag of the martyrs who based on the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan.

Mothers of martyrs in Kobane have made a statement marking the 36th anniversary of the 15 August 1984, the first bullet fired by guerrillas against the Turkish army in Northern Kurdistan. The press statement was made at the Dicle Cemetery of Martrys in the presence of dozens of mothers of martyrs who have fallen defending their lands.

Pointing to the imprisonment and isolation of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan in Imralı Island Prison for 21 years, the mothers highlighted the growing struggle to break through the isolation and to free Öcalan.

The statement of the martyrs’ families said the following:

“Based on the philosohy of Leader Öcalan, we will continue to fight for a meaningful, dignified and free life where justice and equality prevails.

The Turkish state’s fascist, despotic, unlawful and immoral acts are known to everyone. As mothers of martyrs from the Euphrates region, we would like to make clear to all those fighting for justice, equality and democracy and to all states that Leader Öcalan has been giving a struggle for all of humanity. Remaining silent on the isolation of Leader Öcalan means being a party to the conspiracy. Today is a sacred day fort he Kurdish people. It is the day of resistance and is of great importance and meaning to us.

36 years ago today, a revolutionary step was taken and first bullet fired under the lead of Great Commander Egid. An armed struggle for the freedom of Kurdistan and peoples began. The epics written by Egid and his comrades at the time continue to be written by comrades in Heftanin and all the mountains of Kurdistan today. The struggle is growing day by day and the hopes for victory are becoming true with the philosohpy of Leader Öcalan.”

The mothers ended their statement, saying; “We will increase our struggle basing on the 15 August Initiative. We will carry the flag of martyrs who based on Leader Öcalan’s ideas for justice and equality.”