New Academy for teachers and school directors opens in Qamishlo

In order to provide better quality education, the Education and Strategic Research Academy for school teachers, staff and directors was opened in Qamishlo.

The Northern and Eastern Syria Education and Training Committee opened the Education and Strategic Research Academy in Qamishlo in order to raise the levels of school teachers, staff and directors.

Two committees in the academy

The Academy also has a Research Committee and a Translation Committee. The Research Committee conducts research on world systems to improve the education system and the education level of students. The Translation Committee works for Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac languages. The committee also translates books, reports and documents requested by the Education and Training Committee.

Henan Iniz, Board Member of the Education and Strategic Research Academy, told ANHA News Agency that each group of teachers will be given 3 months of training and added: "Some of the teachers participating in the training do research on their profession, and some make evaluations as a result of their research."

On 5 September, the first group of teachers started to attend classes at the academy. A total of 18 teachers from Shehba, Qamishlo, Raqqa and Manbij attended the course.