The International Water Forum in North and East Syria begins today

The International Water Forum in North and East Syria opens today.

The International Water Forum in North and East Syria opens today. It will discuss the decrease in water resources in the world and the effects of state policies on access to water, among other issues.

The forum is organized by the Local Administrations and Environment Committee and will last two days in two different places, the Rojava University Conference Hall and the Fırat Research Center.

According to the organizing committee, the aim of the workshop is to draw attention to international law and states' use of water as a tool of war. At the same time, the role of water in national security and its contribution to the development of the region will be discussed.

The forum of course will also discuss the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state which uses water as a tool of war thus damaging both the economy and environment of the region.

As it is known, the Turkish state aims at forcing people of the region to leave their lands by preventing them access to water. Experts will discuss and seek a solution to the water problem in Northern and Eastern Syria, said the organisers of the forum.

Who will attend the forum?

Dozens of non-governmental organizations and legal institutions, as well as humanitarian aid institutions, international organizations, lawyers and ecologists will attend the forum.

According to the workshop program, politicians, a delegation of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, representatives of environmental associations and many natural life experts will also attend the forum.

The program

According to the workshop program, the two-day workshop will consist of 5 sessions. The organizing committee will make the opening speech. Speeches will be made on behalf of the Autonomous Administration co-presidency. A documentary on water resources in the region will also be screened.

Monday, first day

Three sessions will be held today. In these sessions, there will be speeches on international law and agreements. The water crisis created by political interests and the effects of this crisis on the regional economy will be evaluated.

In the first session, the agreements signed between Turkey, Syria and Iraq on water will be evaluated. The effects of the Turkish state's violation of these agreements will be discussed.

In the second session, 4 topics will be addressed: water wars, international conflicts, the political effects of the water crisis and the use of water as a national security tool.

In the third session, water pollution and its effects on public health, the damage it causes to the economy, and its negative effects on agriculture will be evaluated.

Tuesday, second day

Two sessions will be held on the second day and a final declaration will be read. In the first session of the second day, the effects of the water crisis on living spaces and the disappearance of the security of water will be discussed.

In the second and last session, the long-term plans of the Turkish state regarding the region and water resources, the effects of the water projects prepared for Syria and Iraq, biotechnology systems and pollution in international waters will be discussed.