Occupation forces sabotage infrastructure in Cizîrê region

The Turkish army has plundered an important transformer station near Mabruka in northern Syria. There are difficulties with the energy supply in the Cizîrê region.

The invasion of the Erdoğan regime in Northern Syria also targets the civilian infrastructure. In the Cizîrê region and especially in Hesekê, Til Temir, Dirbêsiyê, Amûdê, Qamishlo, Tirbêspîyê, Hol and Megerde there are difficulties with water and electricity supply.

Mistefa Silêman, responsible for energy supply in the Cizîrê region, explains to the ANHA news agency that, especially with the occupation and plundering of the substations in Mabruka and al-Bawab, the power supply in the region has partially collapsed. The Mabruka substation is located near the M4 road and is used to distribute and transmit the energy generated by the Tabqa dam in the Cizîrê region.

The Turkish troops arrived with trucks and construction machinery and plundered the plant. The local administration is now trying to use the funds at its disposal to set up projects to normalise the power supply again. Silêman speaks of international negotiations on the subject, saying that in the course of a political solution, the station in Mabruka could also be reopened.