Omar calls for international action against ISIS and closure of Rojava airspace to Turkey

Speaking at a meeting in the Belgian Parliament, Dr. Abdulkerim Omar called on the international community to play its role and fulfil its mission against ISIS and to close the Rojava airspace to the Turkish army.

The Parliamentary Joint Workshop for the Kurds (Interparlementaire Werkgroep De Koerden) was held in the Belgian Parliament with the participation of Belgian and Flanders parliamentarians, Elen Sammyn and Koen Matsu, North and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Representative, Dr. Abdulkerim Omar and Head of the Belgian Kurdish Institute, Derwêş Ferho.

In a reference to the struggle of the peoples of North and East Syria and the people of North Kurdistan against ISIS, Dr. Omar said that their success against ISIS is for the sake of all humanity.

Dr. Omar also gave information about the Hol Refugee Camp, which houses ISIS families predominantly. He remarked that there are thousands of ISIS families inside the camp, and European and other international states do not offer any support for a solution. Omar pointed to the fact that thousands of children in the camp are raised with the ISIS mentality, which may pose a terror threat to Europe and the international community.

Dr. Omar said that the embargo imposed on the region, also known as the US Caesar Act, is harming North and East Syria, which does not receive any humanitarian aid. He added that humanitarian aid does not reach the region since the only open border gate called the Bab Al-Hawa is controlled by al-Nusra and the Turkish state.

Dr. Omar also addressed the Turkish state’s invasion threats as well as airstrikes, missile and drone attacks targeting civilians, and reduction of the Tigris and Euphrates waters. He called on the international community to play its role and fulfil its mission against ISIS and to close the airspace of North and East Syria to the Turkish state.

Parliamentarian Elen Sammyn thanked Dr. Omar for his presentation. Sammyn praised the Kurdish people for their struggle against ISIS, adding that they would offer solidarity and support for them.