Osman: Turkey has many plans to go against Kurds

Hiwa Mahmut Osman has visited Rojava many times since the revolution and met with the military and autonomous administrators of the region.

Hiwa Mahmut Osman has visited Rojava many times since the revolution. He shared his impressions about the economic and the security situation after his recent visit.

Osman said: "The economic situation is bad in Rojava. Because there is a serious war going on. But besides the bad economic situation, the security situation is much better. The people in Rojava are very satisfied with the agreement reached between the SDF, PYD, National Unity Parties and ENKS. But it is not clear when serious negotiations will begin and which results will be achieved."

Osman added: "Turkey and the [Syrian] regime are concerns about being attacked. With the withdrawal of the USA, it is thought that the regime and Russia could agree and attack the region. There are serious concerns about these issues. There is nothing clear about the steps to be taken yet."

Osman stated that there are many powers in Rojava, especially the USA and Russia, and that the positioning of these forces after the occupation of Serêkaniyê broke Rojava and was achieved through bilateral or tripartite agreements.

"There are US forces in one place, Russian forces in another place, and Regime forces in another place to protect the border security. There have been two or three separate agreements involving the US, Russia and Turkey. All agreement to deploy each force. According to these agreements, they should not enter any further into Rojava’s territory.”

Osman continued: “The SDF is carefully monitoring the movements of the various forces on the ground so to spot any change of balance immediately. On the other side, the SDF work incessantly to achieve unity among the various components in Rojava.”