Parents of Sehid Andok send message to memorial held for international martyrs

A commemoration for the international martyrs was held in Northern and Eastern Syria.


The parents of Martyr Andok (Konstantin Gedik) sent a video message to the memorial held on Sunday for the internationalist martyrs of the Rojava Revolution.

A year after they set out on their own journey to the Autonomous Region, the parents of Martyr Andok made a contribution to remembering those who gave their lives for the revolution.

Many people in the region remember Ute Ruß and Thomas Gedik, who spent two weeks in 2023 meeting and talking to the people of the region, following in their son's footsteps. 

They learned that it was in Rojava where their son "found the true meaning of life: freedom, friendship and respect." In every place they visited, in every conversation, they left a lasting impression. They expressed their deep connection to the region and their son's decision on many occasions, including last Sunday.

The family said in the video message they sent to the memorial: "This journey was the most important journey of our lives. Let us all continue to resist and tell the stories of those who made a lasting impact. Be embraced, be protected and stay on the right path!"