People in Tebqa marched against Turkish occupation

Thousands of people took to the streets to protest the Turkish occupation in Tebqa.

The march was organised by Democratic Civil Administration. Thousands gathered in front of Tebqa Women's Administration to protest Turkish occupation attacks and crimes

People condemned the occupation and carried photographs of the fighters who lost their lives during the Turkish occupation attacks. The crowd walk to Tebqa Stadium where a rally was held.

Xidir Elous, co-chair of Tebqa Civil Assembly, Macidah Husên from Tebqa Women Administration, Ubêd El-Nehar on behalf of the tribes in Tebqa and Musena Abdulkerîm on behalf of the Syrian Future Party all addressed the crowd.

In the speeches, while the Turkish state's complicity with mercenary groups such as ISIS and Al-Nusra was pointed out, it was also stated that the Turkish state and its mercenaries were trying to occupate northern and eastern Syria.

Speakers also stressed their support for the SDF. The rally called for the international community to take action to stop the crimes committed by the Turkish state against humanity and to prosecute Erdogan.