People living in villages bordering Turkey-occupied areas call for strong self-defense

People living in villages bordering the areas occupied by the Turkish army called for strengthening self-defense against attacks.

When self-defense, which is the security mechanism of a moral and political society, is not strong, society loses. The people are responding with a strong self-defense against the war waged by the Turkish state in Northern and Eastern Syria for the last ten years, preventing the invaders from achieving their goals.

People living in villages bordering the areas occupied by the Turkish state called for strengthening self-defense.

Xosnav Ferho, who lives in the village of Kêl Hesnak in Tirbespiyê, told ANHA: “We could not use our 25 decares of land last year due to the attacks of the Turkish state. When we got to our land, they were shooting at us. Many people were killed this way. The purpose of these attacks is to frighten us and force us to leave. We will never allow the Turkish state to achieve its goal because we are ready to pay any price to protect our land.”

Self-defense is an important task

Gulistan Mihemed Selac, who lives in the village of Maşûqa, explained the importance of supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and said: "The best way to protect our land is to support the SDF because they are the guarantors of peace and security in the region. They ensure the safety of life and property."

Ibrahim Mihemed Hisên, who lives in the village of Dêrûna Qulinga, 600 meters from the Turkish border, said: "The attacks of the Turkish state are not new. Turkey has been targeting civilians for years. Turkey wants us to leave these lands."

Hisên said people need to be careful about the politics of the Turkish state and added: "We must support the YPG and YPJ forces. If we do not strengthen self-defense, we cannot disrupt the plans of the enemy."