People of Gire Spi defend their land against the Turkish state

The local defense forces of the northern Syrian city Gire Spi have taken up position to defend the region against possible Turkish attacks.

Alongside the SDF, YPG / YPJ and Internal Security Forces, local social security units (HPC) in Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) have responded to threats from Turkey. Checkpoints have been set up and HPC units patrol in and around the city.

"The Turkish state wants to disturb peace and coexistence"

Commenting on the Turkish state’s troop concentration at Gire Spi on the Turkish border, members of the HPC have said Turkey's main concern is to disrupt stability, security and coexistence in the region. They emphasized that they will uphold to their mission to defend the city as they have fought against the ISIS.

Koko Ekmekçiyan, an Armenian member of the HPC, explains: "As peoples of Gire Spi we defend our city and its people. We guarantee security in the region through our checkpoints and patrols."

Mihemed Hesen, an Arab member of the HPC, says that they are defending the city against threats:" We live in a safe area. The Turkish state is dispatching troops here at the border to disrupt that security."