People's Initiative in Cizîrê Region launches campaign for the freedom of Öcalan

The People's Initiative in Cizîrê Region of North-East Syria presented an action plan for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and started the first action in the city of Dêrik.

The people of Rojava are following with great sensitivity the situation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is imprisoned on the island of Imrali and is considered the mastermind of the radical democratic Project implemented in the region. The People's Initiative in Cizîrê Region of North-East Syria has launched a series of actions under the slogan "The physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is the prerequisite for peace and brotherhood in the Middle East".

A two-day tent protest began on Sunday, with many hundreds of residents of the town taking part. The protest is taking place in front of the house of the Council of Martyrs’ Families and will be followed a mass march. Representatives of civil society institutions as well as councillors from the surrounding towns are also taking part in the action.

Hisên Ramadan made the opening speech and said: "The isolation of our leader Abdullah Öcalan is against all humanity. We condemn the silence of all international human rights organisations and all forces involved. We will continue this struggle until we achieve the physical freedom of the Leader."

Mihemed Şerîf from the Council of Martyrs’ Families said: "Leader Öcalan fought for the freedom of all the oppressed and dedicated his life to building democracy."

Şadiya Yûsif, a member of the executive committee of the Women's Movement, stressed: "In order to guarantee the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, we must trust in his philosophy, understand it and implement it in society."

The situation of Abdullah Öcalan is considered a yardstick for the actions of the Turkish state, especially against the Kurdish population. The Turkish state is doing everything it can to totally isolate the mastermind of a democratic Middle East and separate him from society. But despite isolation, there is a growing attachment to Öcalan and his philosophy, which is realised in the practical example of Rojava.