Protest against Russian-Turkish patrol in Kobanê

A Turkish-Russian military convoy has been met by local residents in Kobanê with stones.

Once again, a Russian-Turkish military patrol through Kobanê has been met by local residents with stones. The convoy, consisting of eight armoured vehicles and two Russian helicopters, began its journey through the villages in Asmê. The villagers protested against the presence of the Turkish state on Syrian territory.

The joint patrol is the result of a Russian-Turkish agreement concluded during the Turkish invasion of northern Syria last October. In June, three activists from the women's movement Kongreya Star were killed by a Turkish drone attack in Kobanê. The airspace over Kobanê is controlled by Russia.

Kino Gabriel, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), warned on Wednesday of new attacks by Turkey on the autonomous regions in northeast Syria and stated that another invasion attempt is in preparation.