Refugee family returns to Autonomous Administration region after 6 years in Lebanon

A Syrian family who migrated to Lebanon due to the war in Syria returned to the Autonomous Administration region after 6 years.

Hemed El Shex's family, consisting of 9 people, migrated to Lebanon after ISIS occupied the city of Girê Spi in 2016.

The family eventually settled in a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa region of Lebanon. The family suffered from homesickness during their stay in the camp. Camp residents are neither friends nor relatives, only the Syrian identity connects them.

After some local associations took care of the Syrian refugees in the camp, the Lebanese government decided to send them back to Syria.

The Al Shex family, along with 6 other families, were expelled from the Bekaa camp by the Lebanese army and left without shelter on the borders of Syria's Homs province. However, the families decided to go to the Autonomous Administration region.

Hemed El Şêx revealed that they took this decision when the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced last April that they were ready to welcome the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Hemed El Şêx did not want to return to Girê Spî, which was occupied by the invading Turkish army and its mercenaries, and decided to settle in the Autonomous Administration region because of security issues in the region.

7 Syrian families who were deported from Lebanon last week came to the region and were settled down in the Hikumiye camp in the north of Raqqa. There is a plan to establish a special camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Since these families arrived in the region, the Autonomous Administration has been providing food and basic necessities to them and has promised to improve their situation as soon as possible.

Hemed El Şêx (40) thanked the Autonomous Administration for meeting their needs.