SDF: 35 ISIS members killed during the past 24 hours

SDF Press Office reported further advances and killing of more ISIS members in the ongoing Operation Cizire Storm.

The Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement about the latest situation in the ongoing Operation Cizire Storm launched on September 11 to “defeat terrorism” to the east of the Euphrates.

Full text of the SDF statement is as follows;

“Our forces continue their military operations against mercenaries as part of the battle to defeat terrorism, which is the completion of the “Cizire Storm” campaign, making further progress in all areas where violent clashes are taking place.

Hajin axis: Our forces clashed with mercenaries at several points and achieved progress at a distance of about 2 km. Our forces managed to establish 15 points.

The mercenaries attempted to attack these points but faced retaliation by our forces, as a result of which many mercenaries were killed or wounded, while some others fled.

One of the fighters was martyred in the clashes, while another was wounded.

Kasra axis: One of our fighters was wounded after being targeted by a mercenary sniper, and his situation is currently stable.

A mine planted by mercenaries exploded in the activity area of five of our fighters, leaving all the five fighters injured, two of them being critically.

The International Coalition aircraft also carried out several air strikes against the positions of mercenaries, and the extent of the losses that have been inflicted on them has yet to be ascertained.

One mercenary was killed on this front.

Al-Shaddadi axis: Violent clashes broke out between our fighters and mercenaries for half an hour. Our fighters used mortars to hit the positions of mercenaries. None of our fighters was hurt.

Following these clashes, our fighters achieved a distance of 1 km and were able to get stationed at 17 new points on this axis.

Coalition aircraft carried out several raids on mercenary sites and concentration points.

Al-Bagouz axis: Violent clashes broke out between our fighters and mercenaries, in which mercenaries used thermal rockets, facing retaliation by our fighters. One sniper mercenary was killed here.

During clashes ongoing since late evening, our forces have made significant progress inside the village of Baguoz, where the mercenaries’ defensive fortifications have been destroyed.

This axis also witnessed violent clashes yesterday night. The field command confirmed the killing of 17 mercenaries and the capture of mercenary (Ahmad Ahmed al-Sa’id, also known as Abu Hajar al-Shami). Our fighters also destroyed a military vehicle and our expert units defused 60 landmines of the mercenaries.

Our forces moved into the village of Al-Bagouz, amid violent clashes and strikes on the outskirts of the city. The bodies of mercenaries were scattered all over the town. The field command confirmed that the mercenaries were trapped in more than one point inside the town.

Our forces succeeded in liberating and securing the bridge between the village of Al-Bagouz and the town of Bou Kamal, after violent clashes with mercenaries, which continued from the evening until the early morning hours. The mercenaries launched a counter attack this morning to recover the bridge, but our forces confronted them, which resulted in the killing of six mercenaries.

Our special units managed to free two Yazidis who had been abducted from Shengal.

3 of our fighters were wounded, and another one was martyred here.

The outcome of clashes on all axes since yesterday evening:

35 mercenaries were killed since yesterday evening, while the International Air Force carried out 9 air strikes on mercenary sites.

Two of our fighters fell as martyrs during the past 24 hours.”