SDF: 93 members of occupation forces killed on October 17

As a result of the clashes and the resistance put up by SDF fighters, at least 93 Turkish-backed jihadists were killed and a large number of them were injured. 9 SDF fighters were martyred during the clashes, a further 41 were injured.

The Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released the balance sheet of battle for October 17, the 10th day of fighting and resistance in Northern Syria.

The balance sheet is as follows;

“The attacks by the invading Turkish army continued without interruption all along the border. Attacks with artillery-fire, tanks, heavy weapons and airstrikes continued non-stop. As legitimate selfe-defense, the SDF fighters retaliated all the attacks.


The invading army heavily shelled the villages around Derik. Huge material damages were caused to the houses and properties of the civilian population. In retaliation, our fighters attacked the bases of the invading army in the villages of Qesir Dib, Hayaka, Wadi al-Ziyab and Shebaniye. As a result, 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and a further 1 soldier was injured.


On the Eluk axis, after the heavy clashes that took place, the invading army and their jihadist gangs retreated from the area. As a result of the shelling of Khereze village and the other areas along the border, one of our comrades were injured and huge material damages was caused to the properties of the population. Our forces gave proportionate retaliation to these attacks.

Ras Al Ain (Serêkaniyê)

In the city, the jihadists wanted to push through into the city under the protection of airstrikes and artillery fire. In the Newroz, Mehata, Zorava and Zerdesht neighbourhoods, close quarter combat took place between our forces and the jihadists. All the attempted attacks were repelled by our forces. At least 70 jihadists were killed in those neighbourhoods. Despite their heavy bombardment and artillery fire, the invading army were not able to take themselves into the hospital in the city. After the resistance by our fighters, the attack on the hospital was foiled and at least 10 jihadists were killed. Despite the heavy attacks by the enemy, our forces did not pave way for the jihadists to enter the city. Large areas in the city were targeted with drones and warplanes. On the Menajir and Alya axis, heavy clashes took place. A large number of civilians were injured there due to intense shelling.

Tal Abyad (Gire Spi)

Our forces carried out effective attacks in retaliation in the village Abu Sira and the western areas of Tal Abyad and as a result, a number of jihadists were killed. An APC and a military vehicle were damaged and destroyed. In the villages Khilbet Yousif, Wabde and Tirwaziye, airstrikes and shelling were carried out. Those attacks targeted Syrian reigime forces. Our forces retaliated those attacks and destroyed an APC and a military vehicle in those vilalges. In the villages of Ain Issa, heavy clashes took place between our forces and the jihadists. In those areas, an airstrike by mistake targeted their own jihadists and a large number of them were killed as a result.

As a result of all the clashes and the resistance put up by our fighters, at least 93 Turkish-backed jihadists were killed and a large number of them were injured. 4 armored vehicles, 4 military vehicles and a tank were destroyed.

9 of our comrades were martyred during the clashes and a further 41 of our comrades were injured.

The above mentioned results are regarding the clashes that took place before the ceasefire agreement agreed to by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces. Despite the agreement, the attacks by Turkish army and their jihadist gangs continue on the axis of Ras Al Ain.”