SDF announces the outcome of Turkish aggression on December 4

The Turkish regime’s genocidal attacks against North-East Syria in violation of international law continue increasingly, claiming lives of not only civilians but also members of the military forces that have defeated ISIS across the region.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the balance sheet of Turkish attacks against North-East Syria on December 4, Sunday.

On the fifteenth day of the Turkish aggression on North-East Syria, more than 51 villages, farms, and town centers were subjected to artillery and tank shells, and our fighters thwarted an infiltration attempt by Turkish-backed mercenaries, SDF said.

Providing information about the latest attacks of the Turkish state against North-East Syria, the SDF Press Center stated the following:

An additional outcome of December 3, 2022:

Euphrates Region


The villages of Kuran, al-Ziyara, and Jishan were targeted 5 times by heavy artillery.

Gri Spi / Tal Abyad

The villages of Salibi, Shorba Nisk, Qazaali, and Saida were shelled with heavy artillery and mortar shells.


The countryside of Al- Terwaziya and Al-Kantari was targeted 14 times with heavy artillery shells.

The outcome of December 4, 2022

Afrin and Al-Shahba’a Region

The villages of Harbal, Samuqah, Sheikh Issa, Aqiba, Binh / Ibin, Mayassa, Al-Malikiyah, Al-Shawargha, Al-Irshadiya, Soganaka, and Al-Shahba’a Dam were subjected to 23 heavy artillery shells, 25 mortar shells, and 4 tank shells.

Al Jazeera Region

Tal Tamir

The villages of “Um al-Kaif, al-Kuzliya, Tal Shanan, Tal Juma’a, al-Dardara, al-Tawila, and Tal al-Laban” were subjected to 33 heavy artillery shells, in addition to DShK weapons.

The Turkish-backed mercenaries tried to infiltrate the Um al-Kayf silos, but their attempt was thwarted by our fighters.


The villages of “Al-Asadiya, Dada Abdul, Bobi, Muharmala, Tal Al-Ward, Al-Rubiat, and the Zarkan downtown were subjected to /30/ heavy artillery shells, in addition to DShK weapons.

Our forces responded directly to all those attacks.

Euphrates Region


The villages of Zour Maghar and Al-Ziyara were subjected to 3 mortar shells and one heavy artillery shell.

Gri Spi / Tal Abyad

The villages of “Al-Hoshan, Tal Khan, and Saida” were shelled with heavy artillery and mortars, in addition to DShK weapons.

Ain Issa

The village of “Al-Swaidiya” was targeted by two heavy artillery shells.


The villages of “Arab Hassan, Karhiuk, Al-Jat, Qubbat Al-Binaiya, Al-Hawshariyah, Qurt Wiran, and Al-Qawqli” were targeted with /10/ mortar shells, and /4/ heavy artillery shells.


The countryside of thUm al-Baramil town was targeted by heavy artillery and DShK weapons.