SDF fighter in Gire Spi: The ceasefire is just symbolic

One of the SDF fighters in northern Syria said that the occupation forces have not halted their attacks or activities but are preparing for a large scale attack against the region.

The military offensive launched by Turkey together with its jihadist mercenary allies on October 9 to invade North and East Syria continues on day 11.

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are defending their people and lands against the invaders along the line extending from Gire Spi to Serekaniye.

One of the SDF fighters on Abu Sira front, Şervan Zana, stated that Turkish aerial activity, of both fighter jets and scout planes, has not stopped since the announcement of ceasefire on Thursday. He said their positions have been attacked in some areas.

Remarking that the ceasefire agreed upon is just symbolic, Zana said; “We have been under attack since the ceasefire was announced. We adhere to the terms of agreement, but they are making preparations. There is a constant activity of warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft. The areas where we are stationed are shelled with howitzers. The ceasefire is a symbolic case. They are preparing for a large scale attack. Everyone should know this. We will defend our people against these attacks.”